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Calendar 2007

12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days...they're all here on this wall-hanging calendar featuring 12 classic images

make a date, remember a birthday, count the days or just admire the artwork...you choose!

an ideal gift for the time-traveller in your family, or those quirky people who want life to be, like, so 2007

there are literally just a few left!



January - 'Mount Washmore'  February - 'Heart In My Hand'  March - 'Timepiece As A Parachute (watch)'  April - 'Hard To Remove Stains - 1800-1909'  May - 'Great Toast, Great Times'  June - 'Them's The Bends'

July - 'Pro-Celebrity Plus Fours'  August - 'Elvis Has The Left Building'  September - 'Does - For The Whole Family'  October - 'Note To Self ('96)'  November - 'Luxembourg X'  December - 'Nothing Lasts Forever - I Hope This Lasts Forever'


calendar size 20cm x 20cm


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limited edition of 50 now down to the last few

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