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Calendar 2009

what day is 17th July? is it a leap year? how many days has September?...

the answers to these and other important questions can be found in the 2009 calendar from benrowe.co.uk!

this unique gathering of next year's days, weeks and months can be yours to own...forever

12 classic images from benrowe.co.uk on quality stock to hang on your wall

this is a strictly limited edition run of 50, folks...so grab one while you can!

just a few left!!


S  O  L  D    O  U  T ! !


Calendar 2009

January - 'A Meaningless Moment Through A Meaningless Process'  February - 'If Forward Is All We Ever Go, Then I Am Behind You'  March - 'Not HaPpy'  April - 'Come What May'  May - 'Looking Back'  June - 'Rise Above'

July - 'That's The Point'  August - 'Great Britain Tracksuit Wearing Team'  September - '(intermission)'  October - 'The Draw of Cutlery'  November - 'Let It Flow'  December - 'Cheesus Christ'


calendar size 21cm x 21cm

(21cm x 42cm when open)


price per calendar

10 6 (inc p&p) - UK

13 9 (inc p&p) - World


S  O  L  D    O  U  T ! !