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Calendar 2017

'10 years of quality calendars' - that's what it says on the front, so it must be true!

yes, it's 10 years since the first Ben Rowe calendar hit the shops

'The Very Best of...' is just that - a collection of the best images taken from the last 10 years of calendar images

it hangs on a wall, it sees into the future, it could even be your best friend. it's that versatile

this considered gathering of 2017's days, weeks and months can be yours to own...forever

this is a super strictly limited edition run, folks...so grab one while you can!

each one will come with some free postcards - don't get too excited

on sale from the outlets listed below


2017 Calendar! image  Ben Rowe - www.benrowe.co.uk

January - 'New Year's Resolution'  Ben Rowe - www.benrowe.co.uk  February - 'The Same Old Same Old'  Ben Rowe - www.benrowe.co.uk  March - 'Great Toast, Great Times!'  Ben Rowe - www.benrowe.co.uk

April - 'Worst Case Scenario'  Ben Rowe - www.benrowe.co.uk  May - 'Shadow (Walk By The Railings)'  Ben Rowe - www.benrowe.co.uk  June - 'Passport Photos'  Ben Rowe - www.benrowe.co.uk

July - 'Float On'  Ben Rowe - www.benrowe.co.uk  August - 'Up In The Hot Air'  Ben Rowe - www.benrowe.co.uk  September - 'Pedestrian'  Ben Rowe - www.benrowe.co.uk

October - 'Peel Acres'  Ben Rowe - www.benrowe.co.uk  November - 'Some Days Can Be Good Days'  Ben Rowe - www.benrowe.co.uk  December - 'Cheesus Christ'  Ben Rowe - www.benrowe.co.uk


calendar size 21cm x 21cm

(21cm x 42cm when open)

plug socket watermark not on final product


Photos of the calendar -  Ben Rowe - www.benrowe.co.uk


price per calendar


(p&p: UK - 2 / Europe - 4 / World - 5.50)


available from: