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I'm excited (and chuffed to bits) to announce my first exhibition! It's taking place at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival

at the prestigious Gilded Balloon venue. Click the image for more show info and make sure to check out the other shows...


'Drawing Your Own Conclusions'

'Drawing Your Own Conclusions' - Gilded Balloon 2nd - 28th August 2006

Venue: Gilded Balloon Teviot Bar

Dates: 2nd - 28th August 2006

Time: 11am - 5am

Tickets: Free

Box Office: 0131 668 1633 / www.gildedballoon.co.uk

Exhibition Co-ordinator: Jennifer Graham    

Gilded Balloon Press Office: Fraser Smith/ Ellie McDonald      T: 0131 668 9483      E: press@gildedballoon.co.uk


prints and postcards will be available to buy

please come along and have a look, say hello and buy a print (or two!)


what was said...

“[...]However, not all of the art currently in Edinburgh is bad. The saving grace is a small exhibition in the bar at Teviot - sorry, the Guilded Balloon - by Ben Rowe. There was some brilliant stuff here, and we wanted to look at buying postcards or a print but the Box Office was mobbed so all we could see were posh people’s behinds. Still, we might go back and attempt again. My favourites are “Them’s the Bends”, “Brush Your Hair!” and “Great Toast, Great Times”. The only free thing I’ve seen today that was worth the money.”

whoopdedoo.net, 11th August 2006



Thanks go out to Karen Koren for giving me the opportunity to put my doodles on the walls. It was an honour to have my work on in such a great venue. Huge thanks also to Jennifer Graham for co-ordinating the exhibition before, during and after the festival. I hope I wasn't too much of a pain :) Thanks also to Joanne and Anna in the Teviot bar for keeping an eye out, and to Eddie at bigbyte production.

Also a big hello to everyone I was lucky enough to work with over the festival, especially the Debating Hall Crew and the FOH managers. Thanks also to Steven and Sharon for letting me stay, to Mark O'Donnell for the chat about drawing and monkey poetry,  and to anyone I spoke to in the Loft Bar corridor.

Big, big thanks go to everyone who came and looked at the exhibition. If you bought a print or a postcard, you have my eternal thanks. I hope you enjoy them. Hello and thanks to Jo and Jimmy who had some nice things to write in my book, and to Sarah who wrote something nice on her blog.



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